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AT LEAST ONCE a year every woman could wrap herself in golden glitter and shine like the brightest star in the sky

OHMYGOSSIP – In the enchanting month of December, there exists a magical tradition that every woman can embrace — an annual celebration of femininity that allows her to wrap herself in golden glitter and shine like the brightest star in

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WHAT makes a woman feminine?

OHMYGOSSIP – Femininity* is a complex and multifaceted concept that can be difficult to define. It is often associated with traditional gender roles and stereotypes, such as being nurturing, emotional, and submissive. Femininity can encompass many different qualities and traits,

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Katri Palm (also known as Katri Kats) opens her own shop in Bali

OHMYGOSSIP – The Estonian origin influencers Katri and her boyfriend Juhani Särglep have been a couple for more than 13 years. In the interpretation of common people they live a dream life – they are head over heels in love,

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Kristina Pärtelpoeg paid 7000 EUR for beauty procedures

OHMYGOSSIP – Social media star, surrounded with gossip, Kristina Pärtelpoeg (29) has worked out a lot since spring and in September had as many as three beauty procedures done – all this for the sake of looking brilliant and beautiful.

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WHY DO some people have freckles?

OHMYGOSSIP – Freckles are a unique and often endearing feature of some individuals’ skin. While they may seem like random spots of pigmentation, science tells us that there’s more to freckles than meets the eye. In recent research, scientists have

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These tried and tested simple yet effective tips will help you look 15 YEARS YOUNGER!

OHMYGOSSIP – Aging is a natural part of life, and there’s no shame in growing older. However, many women desire to maintain a youthful appearance and feel confident at every age. The good news is that there are tried-and-tested tricks

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Comedones, Small Bumps, Oily Skin: A guide to teenage skin care

OHMYGOSSIP – Teenage years often bring about an array of changes, both physical and emotional. One common challenge faced by many adolescents is skin issues like comedones (blackheads and whiteheads), small bumps, and excess oiliness. But fret not, as this

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America Farerra: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

OHMYGOSSIP — America Ferrera has insisted there is no single standard of beauty. The 39-year-old actress believes “so many different things” are beautiful and she’s grown to appreciate the changes to her appearance as she’s gotten older. Speaking on the

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Miss Finland Petra Hämäläinen: This is exactly what I expected from the pageant year

OHMYGOSSIP – The reigning Miss Finland Petra Hämäläinen’s pageant year is coming to an end, and Petra, who previously only modeled, is very satisfied with the year. “This is exactly what I expected from the pageant year,” Petra told Iltalehti.

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Embrace the Aura of Luxury: Experience the enchanting world of Elisheva & Shoshana’s handmade soaps

OHMYGOSSIP – Step into a world where luxury meets purity, where the essence of nature is encapsulated in every bar. Experience the transformative power of handmade soaps by Elisheva & Shoshana, an Estonian brand renowned for crafting exquisite products that

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The Hidden Key to Unveiling TRUE BEAUTY: A Paradoxical Journey

OHMYGOSSIP – The age-old saying, “Beauty starts from within,” holds a profound truth that has resonated through generations. It emphasizes the importance of inner qualities, such as confidence, kindness, and self-acceptance, in defining true beauty. However, the concept of inner

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Going back to her roots: Beyoncé teases new haircare line

OHMYGOSSIP — Former hair salon sweeper Beyoncé has teased a new haircare line inspired by her mother. The global superstar is well known for whipping her golden tresses on stage and wants to share her secret with everyone. Taking to

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Ancient traditions: SELF-SEWN wedding dress brings a long and happy marriage

OHMYGOSSIP – Throughout history, feminine qualities such as sewing skills, DIY, tenderness, and creativity have been revered and celebrated. These qualities are often associated with the feminine gender and are seen as a sign of grace, elegance, and beauty. One

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Breaking the Chains: Are you a Slave to BRAND CLOTHES?

OHMYGOSSIP – Fashion is an industry that constantly evolves and changes, bringing new trends and styles each season. Clothing is a form of self-expression and can be a way to showcase your personality and style. However, in today’s society, many

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GET strong and healthy hair with luxurious Elisheva & Shoshana’s “Magnesium Hair Energy Maximus+ Scalp Spray”

OHMYGOSSIP – Are you looking for a way to achieve luxurious and strong hair that is not only beautiful but healthy as well? Look no further than Elisheva & Shoshana’s Magnesium Hair Energy Maximus+ Scalp Spray. Made with pure and

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Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra show off their daughter Malti at Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

OHMYGOSSIP – Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra introduced their daughter, Malti, to the world for the first time at the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. The couple was honored as the Jonas Brothers received a star on the famous walkway.

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