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Helena-Reet: MY JOURNEY TOWARDS BECOMING A BILLIONAIRE or How to join the world’s most elite group of people?

Helena-Reet: MY JOURNEY TOWARDS BECOMING A BILLIONAIRE or How to join the world’s most elite group of people?

NordenBladet – In the world people are desiring the status of a billionaire instead of that of a millionaire – in order to belong to the top notch you must be a billionaire. There is one billionaire for every million people in the world. In 2014 the number of billionaires increased 7% and the elite list embraced 2325 people, in 2017 according to Forbes there were 2043 billionaires. How can you become one?

Lets have a wider look and dig into statistics – what does one need to become a billionaire?

Should you wish to become a billionaire, it is important that you have wealthy parents. About 45% of all the billionaires in the world have inherited their wealth. For example the Walton family that is thanks to Walmart one of the wealthiest in the world (it is estimated that their wealth amounts to 152 billion dollars) have inherited their wealth from Bud and Sam Walton who established the enterprise.

Wealthy forefathers are of help out won’t guarantee that you will also be wealthy. Should you wish to grow into the group of the world billionaires you must be a damn good businessman. 80% of the billionaires have gathered their wealth themselves, even when their start line was a set of wealthy parents. 55% of the world billionaires have attained the status of a billionaire completely independently.

Among the world billionaires there are 2039 men and 296 women – as you may see the male proportion is significant. 21% from the 296 women are widowers that have inherited their wealth from their husbands, 65% from the femaile billionaires have inherited their wealth in another fashion. As few as 35% of the women have established themselves among billionaires on their own – thanks to their initiative, talent, smart ideas.

Should you wish to be a billionaire you should be and remain married. Divorce will entail enormous expenses. According to statistics 89% of male and 65% of female billionaires are wed.

There is also statistics about the educational background of billionaires and their preference of universities. 65% of the billionaires have graduated from an American university, but what is still more surprising: 35% of the billionaires have not graduated at all – just 14% of the billionaires have an MBA and as few as 7% have a PhD degree.

What are the similarities between the world billionaires? Billionaires are world citizens and they often move their home or work to the location that is most beneficial for their business. A large proportion of world billionaires reside, are registered of do business officially in the following loctions: Liechtenstein, Bermuda, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Singapore, Unted Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Norway. It is not surprising that honour and glory is attained abroad – no prophet is popular at home. Still, since a majority of world billionaires live in America, a large proportion is emerging in Southern America.

Who do billionaires get along with? How to make friends with a billionaire? Billionaires are people just like any other, but according to statistics each billionaire has at least nine super wealthy friends. How come they have those friends? Billionaires just like others bond like regular folks – they get along with childhood friends and acquaintances, with those who have similar interests or with people they went to school together. 68% of billionaires are keen on sports and healthy lifestyle. In order to understand somebody you must be on the same page – you must be interested in similar things.

When becoming a billionaire is your priority number one then what would be your priority number two? Correct, there is none! You must understand one thing – there is no such thing in the world as a free lunch – as few as 0,0000272% of the world population are billionaires and this mean you would need to sacrifice something. Mainly that would be your time – time spent with family and with the nearest and dearest. Both goals – spare time and a lot of spare money are not possible simultaneously – you either have a full time career or a full time family life. If you think you want both then you are living in a utopia. It can either be that you have no career or you have no family life – both will not be available, make sure to accept that.

But how come we still want to be big, powerful and wealthy – and as we say – FOR THE SAKE OF CHILDREN – we are doing everything for the sake of children, since everything will be theirs one fine day. I find myself thinking over and over again – exactly what it is then that will be theirs one fine day? Nervous wrecks with drinking problems who cover all the costs to own and maintain the titles „World’s most important”, „Scandinavia’s most well-known”, „The wealthiest”, etc, but who have sacrificed their health and family life for that success… I don´t believe we can find any child who is happy with such results. It would make them more happy when we held them close and said how much we loved them – when we did something together. To be honest with you I am not at all so sure anymore that I wish to achieve ANYTHING at all – should it happen that I died the day after tomorrow then I would prefer that my children would say that their time best spent has been the time spent with me. That they liked the most the way I used to comb their hair, how I praised them or how we were eating ice-cream together. I am now thinking about it… why is it that we get so anxious about the achievements that do not matter really so much? Why do we wish to belong in the group of those 2325 people that actually are very lonely – lonesome and sad. This, too, is the statistics – billionaires ARE lonely.

And still we wish so… There are people that wish… I belong to the group of people that wish. This is not merely the money and fame, it is power and the moment of victory that urges us – we are achievement-addicts.

We think and hope to be the exception, to be different – but the ending is the same – either we become billionaires or we have a family-life. Yet today we are so egoistic that we postpone thinking about it until some time in the future. We contemplate about us, thinking that global statistics and rules do not apply to us.

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