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Helena-Reet: My dreams & wishes – workable, unobtainable and completely unrealistic (Vol 2)

Helena-Reet: My dreams & wishes – workable, unobtainable and completely unrealistic (Vol 2)

NordenBladet – In my first blog post reflecting my dreams and wishes (My dreams and wishes – workable, unobtainable and completely unrealistic -Vol 1) I revealed one of my biggest dreams that is actually already coming true – to be one fine day as powerful as has been Arianna Huffington in the world media.

Today 67-year-old Arianna Huffington was in 2009 according to Forbes magazine the 12th in the list of most influential women in the media. In 2014 she was according to Forbes the 52nd most influential woman in the world. In 2011 the media corporation AOL took up Huffington Post for 315 million dollars, originally belonging to Arianna.

Having developed the OHMYGOSSIP brand for nearly 10 years (the websites known worldwide are today publishing in Estonian, Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian, in social media also in Norwegian and Portuguese and have 150 000+ unique readers daily and 5+ million followers on social media) I can now say that in a way I have today already outdistanced Huffington, since I have grasped hold of a wider international public – OHMYGOSSIP is delivered in seven languages.

In 2016 OHMYGOSSIP was integrated under the largest and most popular Scandinavian media trust NordenBladet. Just like after the successful bargain Arianna Huffington became the president and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post Media Group, similarly I became the member of board and editor-in-chief of NordeBladet. After uniting OHMYGOSSIP with NordeBladet the brand’s expansion has augmented and already in 2018 it is estimated that there will be nearly 400 000 unique readers daily merely from Scandinavia. However, I have conemplated on this dream in my PREVIOUS blog post.

My dreams are outrageous, my word to that! Believe me, it a kind of craft to dream this big! It is not without a reason that members of the ruling family of the United Arab Emirates and US millionaires have repeatedly quested my opinion and thoughts on the elaboration of various exorbitant ideas. Yes, you have heard me correctly! I have shared my opinion and practical advice and changed ideas with the wealthiest folks of this world. To be more thorough, I would like to add that hereby we are discussing the accomplishment od dreams without financial boundaries. For a complete understanding of the situation, I would like to ask you the following question: What would you do if funds were none of a problem? What would you do if the most insane of all your dreams could come true – would you build a floating town above another town, a cinema in outer space, would you publish newspapers with moving images? Would you build world peace, commit to the manufacture of cancer medication? Develop gene technology? Spy after fellow humans? Make your contribution in science? – the options are limitless. In today’s blog post I will not yet focus on describing these „completely unrealistic” dreams. However, in the posts to come I will elaborate on those – beginning from what I would do or buy had I got 100 million euros, 500 million euros, a billion euros (etc) and also on the idea which special skills I would wish to have.

Dreams have no limits! I intend to open to you the realm of my dreams – even that side of it which might seem ridiculous to articulate. I gather dreams and dreaming is cool and I would say even dreams that are unrealistic and the dreaming that is outrageous is cool. Those impossible to attain – not even for the money of the entire world – this is the place where we enter the universe of fairytales! My favouraite place! Fairytales for me are like water and air. I just cannot go on without fairytales! If I hadn’t dreamt myself inti one fairytale or other every once in a while, then I would have gone absolutely bonkers by today (this, nevertheless, is possible already now, hehe).

I need childlike fantasies and a world of fantasy. This could be the reason why I tend to get along very well with children and find a common language. I am fond of fairytales, I like to make up fairytales and I really wish to put a tale on paper and between covers – this is my dream that might be considered quite a realistic one. I want to be an author of fairytales!

Currently there is in my head a story for grownups „Sepher Strong and the Azure Palace“, where women are ruling the world and the harem males are hassling to become the favourite male. The 50-year-old governess finds spouses for her sons and names daughters the rulers for different regions. Men are unable to read and write and they cannot be found on any governing positions. Only the males with special training can write – the Hunters. There is also a young gentle woman in the play – Shoshana or Shana, and she decides to turn the entire truth of the moment upside down. There are loads of text in my head, it could make book, it could just as well make an entire trilogy. The novel is ready in my mind, I need to do the writing – there is the synopsis and the full narrative.

This is the very dream that I need time for to come true! Time is the most precious of all wealth for me right now, it is precisely time that is already planned long ahead! Here I am not speaking about lets say an hour or two every day, this could be saved if needed – I need 3 weeks nonstop just for me – complete commitment, writing myself into the events, no disturbances, none at all. Then the book would be ready and at least as successful as J.K Rowling’s creation of Harry Potter adventures or Stephenie Meyer’s series of Twilight. This would of course happen in the circumstances that I be able to find a capable marketing specialist for my book as well as a PR support manager. There are piles of great books in the world and there are also piles of crappy (pardon!), non-existent marketing scores.

Actually what is currently nested in my head is genuine genius, the book would be awsome, above today’s hits. It is a billion dollar project! And I intend to accomplish it one fine day, since the book already exists in my mind – the entire volume, chapter after chapter, all there nice and smooth! The book sprouted in my head thanks to this photograph and my life with my darling autistic baby child Ivanka Shoshana – the world’s sweetest, most tender, beautiful and smart little girl! Everything is possible, you just need to have faith in yourself!



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