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Iina Koppinen: Visual artist writing a blog

Iina Koppinen: Visual artist writing a blog

OHMYGOSSIP – Visual artist writing a blog. Visual art tells its own story and the readers are also the creators of the story, because every picture makes its own thought and vision, also to you – if you watch it and read the story and that story might not be the same as mine.

I also want to make the type of images that will transmit in a good way this energetic power.  I could describe myself as my own model, because if you are not really famous blogger or something like having a famous name as a fashion photographer.. well, I can tell, it’s harder to get models for those photos and other pictures from outside.  In the end.. I like to be on the both sides of the camera – so, this is the easiest way to do photos.

But, as I like say, the photos are strong.. they are impressive.

Oh, when I started to write this post, it started to rain outside.  It is so beautiful sound behind the window.  Love it.

photos: Iina Koppinen – “Selfies”

I’ve learned early the importance of having fresh ideas to write about.  This is an area where most artists struggle. At the end the result is walking away from computer.  There are times when I can write about a particular topic with ease.  Other subjects will take a little more effort – maybe just because English ain’t my native language.

I must tell – the morning are always important to me.  Usually I wake up earlier than needed – just because I feel it’s good for me to imagine that there’s no hurry going anywhere..not yet.  So, I can drink couple cups of coffee in silence.  Thoughts can be set in peace for upcoming day.  It is one of those – my must to do- things.  My mornings should not be confusing in any way, because somehow I feel like they determine what kind of energy is going to be the whole day..  That’s why I need my own time.  Me and my cup of coffee.

photo: Iina Koppinen – “A cup of coffee”

The refreshment of the morning is also doing those a bit of yoga- type stretches for a couple of minutes.  Youtube has such a lot of good workouts and sometimes I look and listen the instructions from there.  I’ve been really happy with this, because it opens up the body and moves away the sleepy feeling!  About fife minutes of stretching while water for my instant coffees boils.  This is important, because of my working positions gets me often shoulder pain and even a headache when really bad.

When I’am telling all this you might think I’am more like a morning person, but it really varies.  Sometimes I get excited so much about my work, and then I can’t stop until like 2 am. at night!  That’s about the accuracy, which I describe myself – that I’am a human just working like 8 am to 4 pm. But basically, mostly I’am very punctual with my working habits.

I had planned to do a lot of my own work also today, but obstacles happened.. I couldn’t slip them when they came up.  This has happened often now – there are so much responsibilities, and I’am one of these really kind personalities – it’s hard for me to say no.  Part of me sometimes screams that I should be more selfish!  And my friends say, that I should be even a little bit more selfish.  And when I was doing my shopping in some store.. and then went to pay those products, even the employee said to me after hearing that I was talking on the phone and barking myself silly – she said you should be happier.  

I miss some of the times in my life when I didn’t have to struggle with worrying.. Times, when I could stroll through the streets of this little city after work.. having peace in my mind and just walking.  I like to go and buy only one chocolate bar and eat it while enjoying the streets and looking around the other people and doing window shopping.  But life is changing, going ahead – and we’re with it.  For me it means also something really sad, my relative, very close to me got sick very seriously.  She can’t get well anymore.

But thinking all of that – the best thing for me is routine schedules for working!  Because if just I had the chance to stay in the bed in the morning – I would get tired in being there.  I’d just be getting tired and flattered and anxious.  When I have schedules and I have to work, and do these other things beside visual art, and things just have to get done – it refresh me and keeps me going.

photo: Iina Koppinen – “I’m just sitting here and watching the wheels go round and round..”, like John Lennon once said in his song.

Here is some of my relaxed stuff:

Waking up early enough in the mornings and nowadays imagining while drinking coffee that there is no hurry going anywhere.

Doing those stretching things

And yes, sometimes just wondering around and doing some window- shopping

Enjoying the nature. Every season is important to me – and taking photos of everything from birds to insects like grasshoppers

Ciao lovelies..





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