Victoria Beckham at Forbes Women’s Summit: The fashion industry is really scary

Victoria Beckham at Forbes Women’s Summit: The fashion industry is really scary

OHMYGOSSIP — Designer Victoria Beckham (44) never had a “master plan” for her fashion career. Victoria, who has children Brooklyn (19), Romeo (15), Cruz (13), and six-year-old Harper with husband David Beckham, was aware people would have preconceptions about her first collection because of her background as a Spice Girl, but she tried to ignore speculation and just focused on what she wanted to achieve, WWD mediates.

She said: “I didn’t have a master plan at all. I always wanted to be in fashion. When I was younger, fashion was my passion. For a while there, I was in a little band called the Spice Girls, I’m not sure if anybody’s heard of it… I didn’t know if anybody was going to like what I had done. I was just being very, very honest. As a woman, I was creating what I wanted to wear. The product spoke for itself. I was very aware that people would have preconceptions because I was a Spice Girl and I was married to a footballer. So I knew what people were thinking, but I really didn’t focus on that. I was very focused on what I wanted to do.”

And Victoria is pleased she wasn’t very knowledgeable about the fashion industry when she started out because she thinks it would have made her too daunted to try and carve out a name for herself. Speaking at Forbes Women’s Summit, she said: “I liked the fact that I didn’t know a lot. Because knowing what I know now about the fashion industry, would I have had the guts to do what I did then? Probably not. I think I was quite innocent and naive. There was a lot that I didn’t know. I think that was good because I probably would have been terrified. When people say, ‘Were you not nervous? The fashion industry is really scary.’ And I was a pop star, saying, ‘Hey, I designed a dress.’ ”

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