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LOVE SPELLS and winning yourself a man using “magic” + LOVE potion recipe

LOVE SPELLS and winning yourself a man using “magic” + LOVE potion recipe

OHMYGOSSIP – Without love a person is never fully happy. Yet does it make us happy when the love has been earned or restored with magic? Is it possible to win the man that you love back with magic? Is it quite that easy to make a stranger fall in love with you? Can love spells affect and boost the feeling of happiness?

One-sided love definitely hurts, and when in love, we are ready to go great distances, yet binding another person by using magic is a dangerous undertaking. Those experimenting with witchcraft should be extra careful, since love magic may help you win to yourself the desired man, but it may harm the health of the man under the spell, or your own health. When someone or something stays with you for too long, they will start consuming your energy. The man under your spell may become zombie-like from being tied to you.

Concerning love, women have more influence as compared to men. When a woman’s soul or heart is closed, a man wouldn’t have access to her. Yet a man’s soul is fragile, therefore he is very cautious about opening his soul. The first woman that can destroy a man’s soul is his mother. When that happens, the man will not open his heart for a new woman that easily.

When the couple is not together based on mutual love and reasoning, then by casting a spell on a man the woman takes a great burden that she has to live with all her life.

Love is a biological and dynamical process that deeply affects both sides on many levels. Though essentially love is an intellectual feeling, also the physical body seeks love and reacts to it being present or missing.

What tricks were used in older times to arrange the love life?

People used to spread their so-to-say pheromones, saliva, sweat, even menstrual blood – something from their body was put inside (leaving them inside a pie) or on top of food. There was such a belief that by doing so you tie the person to yourself. There are several of those stories in the folklore archives: for example apples were held in armpits before offering them to the desired person.

However, many sorcerers recommend trying love herbs before turning to spells and magic. Love herbs will lead you to natural love energy. For example coriandrum that is mainly known as a spice, has been used in love potions for many millennia.

A love potion recipe for finding yourself a man:

1. Find a moment when you are home alone (best timing is when you are also ovulating). Take a bath or a long shower, wash your hair, do a proper manicure and pedicure and then dress as if you would when meeting a man of your dreams.

2. Now prepare tea from the following ingredients:
dandelion (dried inflorescence), fireweed (dried leaves and inflorescence), ginger and coriandrum. Let sit for 10 minutes. To the end product add a bit of cinnamon and honey.

3. Light candles on the table (red) and when drinking the love potion think about the person that you wish to be with or picture the person that you invite in your life, and say out loud your pre-written Prayer. The prayer may be really simple, for example: Dear Mother Nature and the Almighty, I wish to find my love. Compile a cordial prayer that suits just you.

Featured photo: Pexels

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