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Long dark thick LASHES – every woman dreams about those. How to get them?

Long dark thick LASHES – every woman dreams about those. How to get them?

OHMYGOSSIP – Eyes and lashes are very sensitive and they react to dust, polluted air and make-up. This may cause inflammation in the eyes and the lashes may turn dull and lifeless. How could that be avoided?

OHMYGOSSIP has compiled for you the “star beauty guide” endorsed by Hollywood beauties, so that you could always keep your lashes glamorous and pretty!

Definitely the makeup must be removed in the evening, using only special products. For the night, the worn lashes need to be moisturised with low-fat lotions, vitaminized balms, or special oils. Castor oil is especially good for the lashes, yet do not expect results overnight – it must be applied many weeks in a row and only then can the result be seen.

Tonic-imbued cotton swabs must be placed for a few minutes on top the upper lashes and on the lower eyelid, under the lashes. Then the softened mascara must be gently removed with a cotton swab. This procedure must be repeated until the cotton swab remains completely clean. However, you should avoid rubbing the skin around the eye. Upon emerging of the first wrinkles you should start applying preventive balms for eyelashes. Once the wrinkles are already there you would need to prefer lotions that contain vitamins A and B and liposomes.

When choosing a mascara, especially for weak and gentle lashes, you must pay attention to its quality and components. It is recommended that the mascara contains castor oil. That will nourish and moisturize roots of your lashes, will stimulate their growth, and contains keratin which will cover each individual lash with a gentle protective film. The package must definitely have a notification that the substance has passed ophthalmic inspection. In case of sensitive eyes, poor eyesight or the use of contact lenses, choose a mascara with the notification “for sensitive eyes” or the notification “without preservatives and flavorings”. You should replace the mascara once every six months.

The invention of the past years – transparent gel for dark lashes, which need just a bit of “smoothing” and augmentation. This gel can be used as a foundation under the mascara with all owners of “ordinary” lashes.

Should the ordinary mascara not suffice and the lashes still remain slim, then this situation can be solved with false lashes. Those are made specially from modified horsehair or silk. Tiny hair tufts will be glued with a special glue, following the length of your lashes. False lashes that are completely indistinguishable from real lashes are absolutely harmless – your own lashes will remain intact unless you tear off the “added” lash and unless you rub the eyes… Decorative lash tufts will be glued only to the upper eyelids. You can cover the lashes to full extent, or you can add lashes only on the outside corners. False lashes can disguise droopy eyelids, making your eyes striking and eloquent. Their “life span” is 2-3 weeks and after that you should get salon care for the lashes. By the way, the same is the life span also for natural lashes, which grow and fall out just like the hair on your head does. False lashes do not impact your lifestyle. They can take water and they can take any kind of makeup, except for mascara. However, for makeup removal you should use oil-free products, since oil will dissolve the glue. For that same reason, make sure that you don’t put any lotion on the false lashes.


So how do you colour the lashes correctly? First, remove residue lotion from your eyelashes with a napkin. Unless you already have curly lashes, then definitely curl the eyelashes and make sure that the curler’s rubber band is soft, if not, it may damage your eyelashes. To add volume, colour the lashes with a zig-zag motion, beginning at the very root of the lash. Let the mascara dry for 20 seconds, then re-colour just the tip of the lashes, let dry once more, and apply another coat of mascara, beginning from the roots. When there are lumps in the lashes, brush these with a lash comb. And here you are, you have got yourself wonderful eyelashes.

Featured image: Pexels


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