Dan Stevens enjoyed working with Noah Hawley on feature film

OHMYGOSSIP — Dan Stevens enjoyed working with Noah Hawley again on ‘Lucy in the Sky’.
The pair previously worked together on Hawley’s show ‘Legion’ – which starred Stevens as the titular comic book character across all three seasons of the programme – and they have crossed paths again on the upcoming big screen drama.
Opening up on the experience, Stevens told Collider: “It was very different. It stars Natalie Portman, Jon Hamm, Zazie Beetz, and myself, and it has a unique Noah Hawley style to its storytelling, too.
“It’s not the full-blown psychedelic trip that ‘Legion’ is, but there are elements of that. It’s been great. Just watching somebody direct their first feature is a real privilege, as is watching somebody go from one kind of storytelling to another.
“And we’re definitely talking about other things that we’ll do together. Whether it will be quite as much fun as ‘Legion’, I don’t know. I’m not sure what could be. But I’m incredibly grateful to him for this amazing three years, and getting to work with a really special bunch of people.”
The movie follows an astronaut Lucy Cola (Portman) returning to Earth after a lengthy mission as she begins an affair with fellow astronaut Mark Goodwin (Hamm).
She heads into a downward spiral as Lucy loses her connection to her family, and it takes another turn when her lover begins another affair with a trainee.
Meanwhile Stevens, 36, has loved his time working with Hawley, and he admitted their experience on ‘Legion’ has prepared him for “a lot of new challenges”.
He added: “I would say massively. Noah promised me something weird and beautiful, and also something that would be challenging and never boring, and he’s fulfilled on absolutely every one of those counts. It’s been extraordinary. It’s left me very open to a lot of new challenges.”

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