Allison Williams’ Get Out role helped in The Perfection

OHMYGOSSIP — Allison Williams thinks her role in ‘Get Out’ enhances her character in ‘The Perfection’.
The 31-year-old actress plays Rose Armitage in the 2017 hit horror film – the girlfriend of Daniel Kaluuya’s Chris Washington who harbours a disturbing secret about her family – and admitted that it may be “helpful” that viewers have an “associative hangover” from that role.
Speaking at ‘The Perfection’s Los Angeles press day, she said: “Richard [Shepard] sent it to me and said, ‘This is insane. You need to call me after you read it.’ And I was like, ‘Okay, well if you think it’s insane, and you’re insane, and I think it’s insane, and I’m insane, this must be really, really crazy.’ And it was!
“And I called him right afterwards and as we were talking about it, it occurred to me that if you have a sort of associative hangover of me from ‘Get Out’ it’s very helpful to go into ‘The Perfection’ with that.”
‘The Perfection’ follows troubled musical prodigy Charlotte (Williams) who seeks out the new star pupil of her former school, Elizabeth (Logan Browning) – and writer and director Richard Shepard insisted that it “helps enormously” that audiences won’t know whether to initially trust the ‘Girls’ star, because of her role in ‘Get Out’.
Shepard added: “The fact that people don’t initially really trust Allison because of ‘Get Out’ helps us enormously because Alison’s playing a character that you’re not quite sure is a good guy, or a bad guy.
“You can’t quite get a grasp on her. And that’s really important in a movie like this because people are projecting what they think. So Allison’s sort of baggage helps a lot.”

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