Joe Wicks happy to pose topless

OHMYGOSSIP — Joe Wicks knows his appearance “helps” with his brand.
The 32-year-old fitness trainer doesn’t mind going topless for photoshoots because he doesn’t get treated “like a sex symbol” and can understand why people want to see his physique.
He said: “It’s always the same. I turn up at photoshoots and someone hands me a bit of broccoli, then says: ‘Get your kit off and put some oil on your chest, mate.’
“But I don’t feel I am treated like a sex symbol. I get treated nice. I joke about it. I’m a fitness trainer and, yeah, people want to see my physique. It helps me. It helps me promote my business and my missions.’ ”
Despite his toned physique, Joe can’t resist a good burger.
He admitted: “Oh, I love a good burger, I really do. With chips and a beer and ice cream afterwards.
“You can always work it off the next day.”
The ‘Body Coach’ star believes the key to his success is that he is “relatable” and his workouts are “real”.
He told the Daily Mail newspaper: “I’m not a military-style guy. I’m very, like, relatable.
“People love the realness of my workouts.”
And Joe hopes that he can “inspire” others to lead a healthier lifestyle rather than compare themselves to him and feel bad.
He said: “I don’t want people to compare themselves to me and feel bad. I want to be inspiring, not to depress them.
“Having a perfect set of abs will not bring you happiness, but eating healthy food and exercising will.”

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