Selena Gomez says friends ‘saved her life’

OHMYGOSSIP — Selena Gomez says her friends “saved her life”.
The 26-year-old singer admitted that her pals Ashley Cook, Raquelle Stevens and Courtney Lopez have been her support network in “multiple situations” and urged people to remove themselves from friendships with “cattiness” and instead form “healthy” bonds.
Speaking on Coach’s ‘Dream It Real’ podcast, she said: “I’ve seen a lot of cattiness, and I think it’s so important to have healthy friendships. I really do. I mean my friends, without a doubt, have saved my life in multiple situations.
“I mean that. Because they’re honest, they’re loving, they unconditionally love, they never judge, and they give me sound advice.”
The ‘Back To You’ hitmaker also explained that her group “aren’t afraid to be honest” with one another and she feels her pals will always be “supportive and encouraging” of each other.
She said: “I have three amazing, amazing friends and they are supportive, they are encouraging and when one of us maybe slips and falls, we aren’t afraid to be honest with each other.
“I just find that when I’m around other people or when I bring my friends with me to some places, people talk about our friendship, and I want girls to have that because it’s just so competitive and it’s very catty.”
The ‘I Can’t Get Enough’ singer added that although all her friends are individuals and have perused different careers they all “love each other”.
She said: “And all my friends are different: one’s in real estate, one works in social media, one works in foundations. It’s just great. We’re all so different and we love each other.”
Selena’s friends aren’t afraid to call her out when she gets “caught up” in something.
She recalled: “I got a little caught up because it happens when I’m working, and I start second guessing some of the opportunities that I’ve had and maybe I’m like, ‘I don’t think this is good. And oh, I wish I could have done that, I wish, I wish, I wish.’
“And they would kind of stop me and they’d say, ‘You have been given so much.’
“And that in that moment, it was just, ‘Oh my gosh you’re absolutely right. I am extremely, extremely blessed. I have been given so much.’ And it changes the dialogue I have with myself. And that, you know, that moment that I’m revving myself up to the point where I was going to cry because I feel I wasn’t doing enough or like I missed chances on things, in that moment just them saying that ‘You have been given so much and take care of that but you can’t compare,’ they do that often and it’s amazing.”

Source: Herald Mail Media
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