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Miss Earth Estonia 2011 Xenia Likhacheva: I want to become a good conductor and musician

“For me, a role model is a person who has a gift to inspire millions and envision the future. That person was Alexander the Great who only lived for 32 years, and yet, had created one of the biggest and

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Miss Earth Norway 2011 Marion Dyrvik: I feel fairly certain that what you give in life is what you get back

OHMYGOSSIP — “My long-term goal is to be able to combine my talents with business and become a successful businesswoman. I would like to be in a position that enables me to reach out to people and make an impact

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Miss Earth Norway 2011 Marion Dyrvik Homlong: You are responsible for your own happiness!

“One of the most important things I have learned from life, is that you are responsible for your own happiness. What you project into the universe you will get in return. If you live an honest life and treat people

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Dillon Thomas to Ohmygossip.com: I am a cult, capricious beast, a walking paradox

“My long term goals would be having a family, write a book, winning an Academy Award and eventually living in Europe or some exotic locale. Who knows? Maybe meet the Illuminati or travel to space!! The sky is the limit,”

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Singer Dalia Raiyen to Ohmygossip.com: Don’t listen to others in showbiz, instead always listen to yourself and go for it!

Dalia Raiyen is a beautiful French R&B/Pop singer & songwriter. She was signed to Sony Music Entertainment at the age of 16, but later parted ways with the label to independently release her first album overseas. Dalia made her U.S.

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Donna Spangler to Ohmygossip.com: I’d like to be on a reality show!

“The best advice I have been given and that I always pass on is to be and think positive. If a negative thought comes up just push it away. Also that persistence is more important than anything when trying to

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Marta Zolynska aka Mia Hope to Ohmygossip.com: I shot more than 10 feature films in my 1st year in Hollywood

“I’m taking on new challenges to accomplish what nobody still accomplished: to become star in South America and Bollywood. I partnered with known film directors there to produce and act in action movies in Bollywood and Mexico what will make

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Tiffany Hendra to Ohmygossip.com: In 5 years I see myself with my own network TV Show!

Texas born Tiffany Hendra is TV Host, model, beauty expert and lifestyle coach from sunny Los Angeles. “In 5 years I see myself with my own network TV Show which empowers women through beauty, fashion and spiritual guidance. A book

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Krystle Lina to Ohmygossip.com: I have been very fortunate to have worked with some of LA’s hottest celebs

“I have been very fortunate to have worked with some of LA’s hottest celebs, whether I interviewed them on the red carpet, or I was able to model with them in a fashion spread, now I’m even working behind the

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