Hayley Tamaddon ‘broke down’ for 4 hours after house exchange

OHMYGOSSIP — Hayley Tamaddon thought she was experiencing a “nervous breakdown” this week when she cried for four hours until she felt like she would “pass out”.
The former ‘Coronation Street’ actress suffered a panic attack on a train on Tuesday (09.10.18) after exchanging contracts on a new apartment because she started to worry about whether she could afford the flat, and after returning home she “broke down”.
She wrote on Twitter: “Yesterday I exchanged contracts on a new apartment. It should have been a happy exciting day for me. But instead, I got on the train from London and came home to Manchester with the feeling like someone was sat on my chest. I’ve suffered panic attack’s in the past and knew what was coming. But why? Well I felt terrified. What if I can’t afford it? What if I never get another job? What if I struggle paying the mortgage? All these questions running round in my head led me to have a panic attack on a train. I controlled it.. until I got off. As I walked down the platform I walked quickly. Put my sunglasses on and fought back the tears. I got to my car and got in and locked the door and I gave myself a talking to… slowed my breathing down, and drove home.
Once inside I broke.
I broke down. For 4 hours. Oh my god I’m having a nervous breakdown.. i thought.. i cried until i felt like i was gonna pass out (sic)”
Hayley – who played Andrea Beckett in ‘Corrie’ – has helped numerous friends to overcome issues but tends to keep things to herself when she has a problem, so she has encouraged others to talk and attend therapy, as she does, if they are in need of help.
She wrote: “Have some therapy (which I do, by the way) There is so much help out there. And it’s true! So why can’t I follow my own bloody advice?! I guess because I feel it makes me weak. But really…it makes me human. I too get sad. And it’s ok. Sometimes as humans we break.. and that.. IS OK. (sic)”
The ex-‘Emmerdale’ actress – who portrayed Del Dingle in the ITV soap – insists people who talk about their issues with others are not “weak”, and says it is important to start learning to “take care of each other”.
In a post on World Mental Health Day on Wednesday (10.10.18), she added: “There’s a solution to every. And having a good cry and talking it over with someone else does not make you (me) weak.
It makes us bloody strong wonderful people. We are all fighing our own battles, and that is why kindness is so important. We need to take care of each other. We need to learn to love ourselves, and be KIND to ourselves and each other..and we all need to know.. it’s k to not be ok. (sic)”

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