Helena-Reet will put kids before career

Helena-Reet will put kids before career

Helena-Reet Ennet, the CEO of Gossip Media LLC*, will put family before career. Ennet´s children will take priority over her career when she becomes a mother.

The famous entertainment journalist wants to focus on her family when she and her longtime love Margus Pärn decide to have a baby and she insists she will fit her career around her responsibilities as a parent.

“My work as journalist and “Ohmygossip Couture” brand developer is really important to me, but when children come along they’ll be my main focus,” she said to LA-Jew.com. “I’d never put my career in front of my babies — it’d be a case of fitting jobs around them.”

Although the socialite has been thinking about having a baby, she insists it could be years before she and her CFO spouse start a family, though she admits she would like more than one child.

“Look,” she added, “any couple in a serious relationship has that talk about babies, but we haven’t decided when. Margus wants lots of children and I think there’s something amazing about tons of kids running around. Oh, specially weekends – on a Friday night as Shabbat begins. I hope this time is comeing soon.”

* Gossip Media LLC owns the entertainment, news, and women oriented portals “Ohmygossip.com”; “LA-Exclusive.com”, “LA-Jew.com” and “Gossip.ee”, clothing and accessories brand “Ohmygossip Couture”, as well as the casting and models agency “Ohmygossip Models”.

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