Dame Esther Rantzen ‘needs’ younger man

OHMYGOSSIP — Dame Esther Rantzen “needs” a toyboy.
The 78-year-old presenter was widowed in 2000 when her husband Desmond Wilcox – the father of her three children – passed away and her daughter Rebecca thinks men her mother’s age seem too “old” for the former ‘That’s Life’ presenter so she should date someone at least 30 years her junior instead.
Rebecca said: “I’d be happy for her if she fell in love again. If she finds that with another man, so be it. But he would have to pass so many tests.
“Mum has been on dates before, through Silver Line dating and the show ‘Celebrity First Dates’, but she was amazed at the control some men thought they could have over her life.
“Men of her age seem older than her. She’s young physically and in her outlook, so she needs someone at least 30 years younger. That’s what she admires about Joan Collins.”
Though the veteran broadcaster is open to finding love again, she’s unsure whether or not she’d marry.
Esther told HELLO! magazine: “If the right person came along. There have been very kind people who have shown an interest in me.
“Would I marry again? I don’t know.”
The Childline founder is a devoted grandmother to Rebecca’s sons Benjamin, five, and three-year-old Xander, though her daughter gets annoyed with her mum’s “naughty” behaviour around the kids.
Rebecca said: “They adore Mum because she’s like a naughty toddler. She doesn’t everything I don’t want her to do, like calling out words like ‘bum’ really loudly.”
Esther is even campaigning for a change in the law to recognise the rights of grandparents.
She said: “You love your children but you’re in love with your grandchildren.
“Now I’m campaigning for the law to represent the importance of that relationship.”

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