Iina Koppinen: Exhibition at Galleria Patina – placement of artworks and making friends with other visual artists

Iina Koppinen: Exhibition at Galleria Patina – placement of artworks and making friends with other visual artists

OHMYGOSSIP – On friday afternoon we had the opening parties of exhibition at Galleria Patina in Jyväskylä, Finland. I’am invited visual artist and one of nine artists in July exhibition. I was pleased to meet artists never seen before, I have met none of them.

The gallerist had made new style in placing artwork – close, but harmonic, however. At first I was almost upset while walking there and saw from the street far away that my large paintings were placed in showcase.   But shortly after – I realized this is great – people walking on the street can see my artwork even when gallery is closed! And to be exact, there was not enough space inside the gallery, so this is really what I wanted from this exhibition. Paintings are totally in a new point of view – advertising this exhibition. My smaller concretistic paintings are placed in congruent close, but well controlled inside the gallery.

I really have to say, the gallerist has strong- minded and long experience view how to place artworks – usually this has to be done in very short time limit.  I can say professional gallerist and culture producer are those who I admire and appreciate, I really want devote my skills and satisfy their wishes .. although I let them know which suits me or not .. unless I’am not responsible place the paintings on the wall. I always want to make sure there is no surprises or no bad taste in my mouth or theirs, you know.  It is so exciting to be one artist on this exhibition!

Artphotos and photos Iina Koppinen | Galleria Patina | gallery | exhibition | Jyväskylä

As I have said before (maybe in my Finnish artblog) the rules concerning the artworks and artists, I have to ask their permission to take photos.

One delightful artist and watercolor painting teacher said to me – don’t quote, don’t copy, but steal, exactly what Picasso said.  He gave me a lot visions about his artwork and about my own paintings.  I usually understand something wrong and something right from the flow of spoken feedback when this is the case of my own paintings.

This artist said you can’t repeat his feedback, otherwise but your own words, which are colored from your personality.  This is the truth, I think.  He spoke about watercolor painting in the way, artist has to be a friend with colors – cause this style is demanding – is the only way to make it work. I met also art critic Hannu Castrén, whose articles I have read with pleasure, he is insightful and excellent writer.  And speaker, too.  He also attended to opening at Multiainen Sato last year, where I had pop- up style gallery exhibition with other artist – duo- style exhibition.

The artists, whatever they are.. musicians, writers, painters.. they become the servants when they bring out their works.  This is the way they give their experience.. when one is listening, reading or watching .. they can perceive this world and themselves part of it, and perceive identity.. coping in this hectic life we are living.  I was talking about this – and now, writing this article, I’am not sure, did I understand it wrong or right, but I share this opinion in my own way, my words.

I got this feedback, several of them, from one of my smaller paintings.  I have made it to confuse the eyes – in the way colors are attacking the eyes, the shapes and huge contrasting confusing whole vision.  I’ am not surprised if someone gets headache from my optical, concretism artwork.


photos and photos of art Iina Koppinen | Galleria Patina | Jyväskylä | gallery

Minna Lenfeldova and her work | photo Iina Koppinen | Galleria Patina

Katriina Korhonen and art | exhibition openings | photo Iina Koppinen

Minna Piispanen | artworks Minna Piispanen | photos Iina Koppinen | Galleria Patina

photo Iina Koppinen | other artworks you can buy | Galleria Patina | Jyväskylä 

I think people are beautiful, everyone in their own way, personal or classic – and I mean it like visually.  One artist said to me that I can’t take a good photo from her.. I think if it’s not me, it’s someone other who can take a brilliant photo from her – it depends so much from the situation when photos will be taken.  Or about the photographer.  I did not have time to relax nor guide those artists who were willing to be in the photos.  It was not my task in these photos.  I know, I myself, freeze sometimes, when new photographer is taking photos and it demands good nerves to find a photo I accept.  I was busy there, running around from here to there in parties, so quality is not the best in this time.

I take photos of myself, so I know nothing replaces helping hands when taking photos.

photo Iina Koppinen | e- mail | Galleria Patina | Jyväskylä

If you have any questions or something to ask, please contact.  During coming week I hopefully get feedback / critic from art critic and art historian Harri Hirvonen, who chose one of my paintings in exhibition at Keuruu.

Makes me feel good!

Hopefully you all have those good vibes!



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