LUXURY shopping – stripes with white – sporty clothing (Look #6)

LUXURY shopping – stripes with white – sporty clothing (Look #6)

OHMYGOSSIP – You are going to a fancy ski resort, with a walk with friend, or picking up your child from school with colder weather – sporty clothing suits in our climate in every situation, I think. This time again, the main color is white which is mixed with stripes and spiced with a large selection of bracelets. I just love to mix sporty style with festive – I am doing this all the time.

Warm trousers and a jacket from Perfect Moment, sweater (Gucci), shoes (Nike) shoes, bag (Saint Laurent) and 2x Ippolita bracelets, heart bracelet by Jennifer Meyer Jewelry and bracelet with stones (CVC Stones). Price (whole set): $ 28,738.

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Jumper/cardigan – Gucci (adlink) / Jewellery – CVC Stones (adlink) / Jewellery – Ippolita (adlink) / Jewellery – Jennifer Meyer Jewelry (adlink) / Bag – Saint Laurent (adlink) / Shoe – Nike (adlink) / Pants – Perfect Moment (adlink) / Sportswear – Perfect Moment (adlink)

Photo collage: OHMYGOSSIP/ Helena-Reet Ennet

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