Iggy Azalea chooses chicken nuggets over men

OHMYGOSSIP — Iggy Azalea would rather be single then not have chicken nuggets in her life.
The 27-year-old rapper took to Twitter to express her delight after getting 20 nuggets by mistake after ordering 10 at a fast food restaurant, and asked her followers to decide what’s more important never eating chicken again or being single forever but allowed “late night creep situations”.
Iggy admitted it would be “insanity” to vote against delicious poultry because “chicken is the only stable lasting relationship” she’s had.
She wrote: “I ordered a 10 piece nuggets and they gave me a 20 piece by mistake.
“I now have conclusive evidence good things are coming my way.
“What am I gonna do with 20 entire chicken nuggets, honestly I feel so rich now.
“I have several important emails to respond to but instead I’m gonna come on twitter and tweet about chicken nuggets because I love them.
“Chicken is the only stable lasting relationship I’ve had so I can’t vote against it. Sorry. That’s insanity. (sic)”
Iggy was previously engaged to Los Angeles Lakers basketball star Nick Young but she called off their engagement after catching him cheating in her.
The ‘Black Widow’ hitmaker seems to be moving away from settling down in a stable relationship as she recently admitted her broodiness for a baby disappears when she thinks about diaper duty.
She posted on Twitter: “I always want a baby until I’m with one for more than 2 hours and then … I want money instead. I dunno. It doesn’t s**t it’s pants. (sic)”
The rapper previously admitted she didn’t consider herself to be a good role model for children because of the explicit lyrics in her songs and her no holds barred opinions.
Iggy said: “As a role model, I don’t think I’m a great one.
“I consider what I do now knowing there are younger people watching me and there are things I wouldn’t do on stage any more, but I don’t sit in the studios wondering what somebody’s mom would say about my lyrics.”

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