Royal Collection Trust commemorate Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s anniversary

OHMYGOSSIP — Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s 70th wedding anniversary has been marked with an official range of souvenirs.
The couple will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary on November 20 and the Royal Collection Trust have honoured this milestone with a series of red and gold commemorative glassware and china, ranging from a Roundel Decoration for £25 and a Loving Cup for £195.
Writing on their website, they shared: “To celebrate the 70th Wedding Anniversary on 20th November 2017 of HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, Buckingham Palace has commissioned this exclusive commemorative range.
“The design shows an entwined monogram of HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, inspired by the elaborate gilded carving of the thrones in the Throne Room, Buckingham Palace, whilst the double knot is a feature of the Garter Throne Room at Windsor Castle.”
The Loving Cup holds 550 ml and is presented in a box. It has a limited edition run of just 250 items whilst the £145 Wedding Anniversary Tray has a run of 500. The £95 pillbox completes the line up of limited edition items and there will be just 750 of these available across the world.
It comes after an entire set of commemorative coins were designed to mark Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s 70th wedding anniversary.
The designs from the Royal Mint all feature the standard royal crest and crown coin, which says “70 years of marriage” below the design.
On one of the coins, the Queen’s face is joined by that of her husband, while on another of the designs, the duo are seen riding horses together side-by-side.
Around the edge of the coin, it reads: “Wedded love has joined them in happiness.”

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