Helena-Reet: Vacation (vol4) – Visiting lake Võrtsjärv, Paistu Cemetery and Männiku Metsatalu in Intsu village

Helena-Reet: Vacation (vol4) – Visiting lake Võrtsjärv, Paistu Cemetery and Männiku Metsatalu in Intsu village

OHMYGOSSIP – Days are quickly dashing by and for a while now I have been back from the two-day vacation, doing this and that in my garden and proceeding with other daily duties. Yet the trip to Viljandi a week ago on Tuesday and Wednesday astonished me – why, because in a way it had been the world’s best mini-holiday, and besides I had discovered in myself so many features that still frighten me at the moment. For example the fact that deep down I know myself to have more „powers” than I realize or than I currently wish to admit.

But now I will continue from where I left off previously. Once we had visited Mustla, it seemed that lake Võrtsjärv was also close enough to be seen on our way. The best known and most visited sightseeing attractions near Võrtsjärv are at Kivilõppe – the stones of Kalevipoeg (Kalev’s son, the epic hero) and Vanapagan (Old Nick, the devil). The weather was on our side, on our track there was just once lightening, but we luckily drove past the great rainfall. Most of the day the weather was really fine. It was delightful to be on a road trip in the surroundings of Viljandi with my sister, we even agreed that it was like a real vacation and that we wouldn’t replace this trip with any fancy and expensive journey abroad.

It was about five o’clock when we turned from lake Võrtsjärv towards Paistu through Pahuvere. I had been driving since 9 o’clock in the morning, the last two hours with great pain in the leg. We fetched two bottles of mineral water from Mustla store and my sister took the wheel. The distances in Viljandi are not significant and no matter where you happen to be, it is possible to quickly reach any new destination. I am not completely sure if we drove through Pahuvere, but we arrived soon. Somebody from our relatives had already been to the cemetery and tidied everything up, so there was nothing much to do with the bucket and the watering can. To our great surprise a big tree had been chopped down near one grave and half of the stump was in the ground while the other half was bending over the grave. Very spooky and hideous. Also somebody had replaced the old wooden seat (made from a log cut into halves) with a varnished bench that reminded us of a casket on legs. We wrinkled our noses as we had the impression that it didn’t suit there very well. Later I mentioned it to my mother and wondered how the bench got there – when she replied that our uncle Peter (dad’s brother) had constructed and put it up, we viewed it with a new pair of eyes. It is my point of view that when a son builds something with his own two hands to equip and decorate his beloved mother’s grave, you simply cannot have a bad attitude towards it – and thus when we looked back it warmed our hearts that the new bench was there.

We were starting to get a bit hungry and so we decided to have a look at the Männiku Metsatalu farm in Intsu village. The plan was to stay there in case we liked it and if not so, we would easily find a decent hotel in Viljandi city centre. Intsu is actually not far from Paistu at all. We were there soon and happily noticed that the place was very beautiful, a peaceful setting amongst a thick and beautiful fir wood. At the time a family camp event was held in the farm – have you ever heard about such an enterprise? I had not heard about it, I did not know that there are camps where families (mother-father-children) all get together. Very interesting! The participants were accommodated in tents and we supposed there would be a noisy gathering in the evening – we ourselves had intended to take a serene walk in the forest, talk, have a cup of chamomile tea and then go to sleep. An urban subject’s spoiled thinking! There was really no noise, most of the people were in their tents quite early. Everything just seemed friendly-sincere-splendid-lovable. We had therefore no motive to dine in a faraway cafe or restaurant, so we drove to Viljandi and fetched some food from the supermarket for supper and breakfas (grapes, water melon, salad ad sandwich material). The farmhouse was completely empty and all to ourselves. We selected a convenient room, then had a light meal, chatted for a while and went to our room. And then it started… I am convinced that from as early as Mustla on we were not alone – a creature/ghost/being, I do not know the proper name – had been following us, or perhaps it was some kind of dark energy that we had amplified or, based on fear and ignorance, downright made up ourselves. Be it yet either one or the other, it really freaked us out! It was the feeling that there was something other than ourselves – something we cannot see with the eye, but only sense, perceive. Something that makes us draw conclusions, makes us, forces us to think of it. I was suddenly compelled to delete most of the pictures that I had taken during the day (something was telling me that I cannot keep those pictures). Also my conscience was not at peace until I prayed many times in a loud voice and asked for forgiveness that we had entered a private property unauthorized. The dark and gloomy feeling grew as the night went on and had us so scared that we started praying. I turned to Hashem and expressed my wish to always and only be on the side of LIGHT and even if I had a gift that some portals-channels should open and I would sense them, then I have fear for those powers and I wish not to sense them and prefer not to communicate with them. Oftentimes earlier I have realized that I feel and sense too much, I see something that others don’t, and when I open myself up, I can read places and people like people read books – but I do not want anything like that, nothing at all! I am scared of these things, indeed! Praying there as we were, we finally fell asleep. We had intended to find a real estate appraiser the following morning, to give those real estate offers a second try. Yet when morning came the plan crashed – a tire of my car was broken and absolutely empty. We now needed car service.

Once again, besides twisting my leg, this had also been somebody’s sign that we should back off and not continue our agenda that day or ever. I will let you know in the next blog, what was to follow and why clairvoyance scares me. Also I will say a few words about clairvoyant who gained popularity on television, Marilyn Kerro – a relative and also in the family among the more modest on the powers ladder. You may only guess what powers other members might possess when a player as big as that is yet in her „crib shoes”.

To be continued…

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