Kirsty Gallacher 'loves' exercising in her ProSkins athleisure wear

OHMYGOSSIP — Kirsty Gallacher “loves” exercising in her ProSkins athleisure wear.
The 41-year-old Scottish television presenter has admitted she regularly works out throughout the week as she has always been “passionate” about sport, and she adorns the high-tech activewear leggings when she is exercising because they are “comfortable”.
Speaking about the garments she wears when she is undergoing her gruelling fitness regime, the Sky Sports News host – who has sons Oscar, 10, and Jude, seven, – said: “Try to train at least three times a week. I have always been passionate about fitness and I exercise on a regular basis – I always train in the morning before heading to Sky Sports News.
“Be comfortable when you exercise. My favourite Proskins leggings are the classic black and grey marl leggings as they are so versatile and comfortable to wear. I love exercising in them and I can also wear them when I’m on the go, from the school run straight to the gym.”
And the brunette beauty believes the “key to success” is living a healthy life and making sure she squeezes in as much exercise as she can around her hectic schedule.
She explained: “Fitting exercise around your lifestyle is the key to success. There had to be a balance between being healthy and also having fun as the key is consistency with your training.”
However, Kirsty also stressed the importance of getting enough sleep and a balanced diet too.
She said: “It’s important to rest and eat well, if you don’t rest and eat, there’s no point in training. Luckily I love healthy food and it’s a way of life for me as my mum is a nutritionist, so eating healthily was drummed into us from an early age.”

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