The firewood, nice weather and gardening have arrived

The firewood, nice weather and gardening have arrived

OHMYGOSSIP – The winter is over and the weather just keeps getting better – it’s time to get started with gardening chores. I ordered 8 rooms of wood and now it’s time to pile them up. I order unpiled firewood each year and after piling them up think that next year I’ll buy them in a container, so I wouldn’t have to do all the work. But once the time has arrived I feel sorry for the money I’d lose and I still buy the unpiled ones. The price difference is quite huge – unpiled firewood costs 35 euros per square meter and in a container it costs up to 145 euros per square meter.

Before it gets all green out there, I’d like to fix my garden – rake the leaves which have been left there from autumn, cut the dried branches from the garden and put the firewood to the woodpile. Probably I need to order another 8 rooms of this, but even if we won’t use it up it’s good to have some set aside and the wood is dry enough before using them. Raw wood bought in spring is suitable to use it for autumn but it’s even better if it’s set aside until the next autumn.

In my eyes anything natural should be considered a luxury. I like the simple cottage house with its fresh air, big garden, privacy and eco lifestyle much more than the city life. No force could push me to move back to the polluted city. The simpler and more natural, the better! The less TV controls, wires, concrete and the noise of the city, the better! I like stove heating, fresh air and silence, I like to eat my garden’s outcome. I like to be the so called village girl nearby the city. Whoever lives at the countryside knows that time moves in another rhythm in the countryside. The course of events in the countryside is different – more peaceful and enjoyable. I like that I’m in no rush, that there is no nervous and hectic hustle nearby me, that I see elks or rabbits or cats from my window not trams, busses and cars in 7 lanes. Of course I’m not completely independent from the time, how could I if I have two children. Both go to school in the city and I can’t escape going to the city on daily basis, but the rest of the time flows in our rhythm and that is so nice! By the way, the birch juice is already running! Whoever has the chance, drink it! Birch juice cleans the body, carries the power and energy of the ground and gives you a new vibe! You can read more about the birch juice from HERE.

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