I am trying to take after Kris Jenner and be a mom manager for my daughters

I am trying to take after Kris Jenner and be a mom manager for my daughters

OHMYGOSSIP – I have written about this before (in an interview I gave to the media in Finland) that one of my idols is Kardashian’s “gang” leader – Kris Jenner. She has kickstarted all the careers of her daughters and is still in charge to lead them higher in their careers. She has made a name for both her current husband’s and previous husband’s labels – in my eyes she is a very talented and powerful woman!

I always try to take after the talented and powerful ones and analyse how I could use their ideas for success for myself. I am sure that nothing moves if you don’t move them. I am sure that those kids whose parents support them have a bigger chance to succeed. Children interests, hobbies, talents and personality are developed at a very early age and based on them and discussing their future with them can lead to interesting solutions which enables you to take action immediately. As we all know it – youth sells! But the youngster doesn’t know how to sell herself.

My idea is that if you know already in kindergarten that your kid loves to perform, then you should do something about it. If you see a stronger interest towards something, you should do something about it. We all want our kids to do well, succeed. We all want a secure future for our children and support them. At least I o want and I take it very seriously.

Photo – Estella Elisheva practicing for Estonian North West musical instrument competition.

Although I need to think a bit about myself, for the past 10 years kids are my priority nr 1 – daughters  Estella Elisheva (10) ja Ivanka Shoshana (8). If I wouldn’t want to secure their futures, I would probably enjoy an easy life as apparently it’s possible. I could start my morning with a workout and SPA, head to manicure and hair treatments then shopping, chill in cafés, go to the cinema, eat in a restaurant and spend the evening at different events (boutique openings, degustations, fashion shows etc) while my kids are at school. I have chosen an alternative path. I drive my kids from one hobby to another – I’m a daytime taxi driver, logistic and a psychologist who drives, coordinates, supports my kids and on free moments does business. Estella Elisheva is studying 3 languages (Russian, English, Hebrew), practises violin in a music school, goes to ballroom dancing with Kristina Tennokese and Baile Orb. Ivanka Shoshana goes after school twice per week to speaking therapy and in winter in violin classes. Estella Elisheva shows already master-class in violin classes and I’m thinking every day how I could build a career out of that for her.

And a lot of time is spent on OHMYGOSSIP. OHMYGOSSIP is already a massive brand and a company, which is well known in estonia, Finland, America and Brazil. I am actually quite proud to put up a brand like these apart from having children. I have been chosen many times Scandinavian’s biggest social media influencer and OHMYGOSSIP webpages are being visited by 3 million readers per month. If you think it’s easy to achieve something like this, you’re wrong. It has been 10 years of hard work with an aim to secure my children’s future. In the next 5 years I’m aiming to grow the income of OHMYGOSSIP to 5-10 million euros and use the brand’s name on variety of products. Also I’d ike to think with Estella Elisheva what exactly to do with a youth-oriented brand OHMYGOSSIP TEEN and how to develop the brand E&S (Elisheva & Shoshana) created about 8 years ago.

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