I would already like to start with spring gardening!

I would already like to start with spring gardening!

OHMYGOSSIP – There were two amazing and sunny days in Estonia. So, yesterday, before I went to sleep (without checking today´s weather forecast), I made a plan in my head that I will start with spring gardening today. But I woke up already in the night as there was a huge storm and torrential rain which was beating against the window, and I realized that I have to replan my day.

I have left the children home from school second time this week. I allow them to play truant when I see that there is a huge sleep debt. They study so hard during the year that spring fatigue does not surprise me at all. Estella Elisheva will go to the Lehaim camp next week and she started with packing already. Ivanka Shoshana surfs around the internet, for eight-year-old, she is very skillful with computers. And I think there is no way I can any longer postpone cleaning the house. Otherwise, we need a house extension. A lot of pointless and unnecessary things accumulate all the time and I usually just throw them away during the cleaning process (except children’s clothes and toys which I give away for recycling). Actually, I like cleaning and sorting. I love when I have an overview of everything and the things are in order. For example, when I was a child, I couldn´t start to learn before my room and drawers were in order, disorganization disturbed me a lot. After getting children this branch of perfectionism is gone for good. Every free second I have, I use for work or to develop my projects. However, clean house is always a pleasing phenomenon.

Rainy view in front of and behind the house. I´m waiting the summer so much already! There´s so much to do in the garden and once the weather will be fine and goes green, it is wildly beautiful here in my countryside!

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