Some modifications in OHMYGOSSIP!

Some modifications in OHMYGOSSIP!

OHMYGOSSIP – Ohmygossip is expecting big modifications in the upcoming months – I have a plan to largely change the existing structure and strategy. The first bigger change will be the transformation to a more blog-centered format meaning that there will be less foreign news, referencing and translated news. Also the gossip of the social elite will be presented to the reader from another angle – through the blogger’s eyes or as an exclusive interview. In general the plan is to decrease the amount of daily news and enlarge the amount of exclusive blog posts.

From a web to a blog platform?
Yes and no. Ohmygossip will stay according to the plan a combosite, where the main focus (80%) will be on my personal blog posts and the readers get the selection from our carefully selected rubrics – Traveling & Culture, Home & Kids, Healthy-Body-Mindfulness, Society & Gossip, Beauty & Fashion and Relationships. In addition, Ohmygossip will offer a platform to numerous bloggers whose posts you can keep following on Ohmygossip.

New bloggers:
Bloggers who would like to bring their blog to our platform or start a new one on our page could contact helenareet@ohmygossip.ee (preferably in Estonian or English). Blogging can be done in 3 languages – Estonian (Ohmygossip.ee), Finnish (Ohmygossip,fi) and English (Ohmygossip.com). Soon it’s also available in Swedish (Ohmygossip.se).

Estonian bloggers whose page has at least 50,000 unique readers can join our page for free. Bloggers with a smaller audience will have an annual fee of 500 euros for a private person or 1500 euros for a company.

Finnish bloggers whose page has more than 80,000 unique readers can join for free, bloggers with a smaller readership will have an annual fee of 800 euros for a private person or 2400 euros for a company.

Swedish bloggers whose page has more than 100,000 unique readers per month can join for free, bloggers with a smaller audience will have an annual fee of 1000 euros for a private person and 3000 for a company.

Bloggers writing in English whose page has more than 100,000 unique readers per month can join for free, bloggers with a smaller audience will have an annual fee of 1000 euros for a private person and 3000 for a company.

All Ohmygossip bloggers will get in addition to free hosting and their personal domain name:
1) Part of our daily traffic. Our pages have 80,000-140,000 unique readers per day (up to 4,2 million readers per month). All blog posts will be shown on the homepage. For instance, when you blog in English, your blog’s link will be also shown on Ohmygossip.fi, Ohmygossip.se and Ohmygossip.ee.

2) Share your posts with Ohmygossip’s several millions of followers on social media platforms depending on the language of their blog: Twitter: (@Ohmygossip_ee; @Ohmygossip_fi; @Ohmygossip_se; @Ohmygossip_USA). Facebook: (Ohmygossip Estonia; Ohmygossip Finland; Ohmygossip Sweden and Ohmygossip.com).

3) You keep 100% of revenues from any sponsored posts sold by yourself. 20% of revenues from sponsored posts go to OHMYGOSSIP if sold by us, either directly or through the platform. OHMYGOSSIP keeps all display advertising revenues generated at your blog site.

Server’s relocation
In the end of March Ohmygossip’s server will relocate. We’ll change the service provider and move from Zone.ee to Veebimajutus.ee. We’re hoping that the relocation will happen without any issues and there will be no problems on loading/reading our pages.

The decision to move wasn’t due to Zone being bad or offering a service below the standard but because I have over 30 domains and approximately 10 webpages, thus it’s easier to administer from one place. I also like the self service account offered by Veebimajutus and their economic price. I am hoping for the speed of our webpages to develop but this depends a lot on the SEO made for the page.

Design of the page:
This is the biggest headache – which kind of a homepage should we have? If you have any good ideas, write me! I would like to write a new code and give the homepage a completely new and fresh look! Should I choose a simple blog-style full length posts which you could scroll with one sidebar or should I make a different magazine-style homepage?

There will be other modifications but I’ll introduce these in another post.

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