Today, I´ll start to build Ohmygossip.se!

Today, I´ll start to build Ohmygossip.se!

OHMYGOSSIP – Woke up at 6:30 as usual. I sent the kids to school, and Margus to work, then leisurely drank my coffee and read the morning paper. On economic side Postimees wrote that the number of farms decreases in Estonia. Over the past three years, the number of farmers has decreased by 13%,  2,500 households have closed down or restructured.

Why am I writing this? Because I really feel in my heart that it should be vice versa – the number of farmers should rise, and the life in the countryside should enliven. At least I feel that I am so tired of all kinds of artificial, fraudulent and phony stuff, specially I don´t like the tinsel what comes with big cities, everything is so “pushed”. I´m knowingly looking for simpler solutions, more natural and realistic choices.

This is also one of the strongest reasons why I make changes in OHMYGOSSIP – people need more real life and less bright cover sheets. Almost nobody look in real life like they are in photoshopped party press pictures, and usually their words and deeds are pretty different. I believe that people should be directed back toward the real life, people could love more the nature and abandon excessive technology. I´m pretty sure that many of today’s illnesses and misfortunes will disappear then. People yearn to be closer to nature, they love simplicity, however, the artificial intelligence stares at us from every corner.

Now, when I also try to make OHMYGOSSIP more natural and prosaic, I must admit that this is not an easy task. I’m a perfectionist, and for example posting a picture which is not 100% perfect is something I find very hard. Normally I add professional pictures with well designed rooms, etc., I am used to that everything is picture perfect. But from now on I will publish more real life pictures, because otherwise my actions speak against my words. Life is really beautiful and perfect and interesting when it is as it is!

I found some pictures from my computer (I guess these are from 2012). Estella Elisheva was still very young. In opening picture, you´ll see my old home office and on this picture below you see what happens when I turn my back for a second. Making news and parenting at the same time is a pretty big challenge. But now I´ll start to build Ohmygossip.se!

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