7 SUBJECTS for the self employed blogger

OHMYGOSSIP – Want to grow visitors numbers on your blog? Get the Blog Tools! A website with lots of interaction is a website found by Google. But how to attract visitors and make their visit worth while. Most business blogger or wannabee bloggers I speak, have great trouble to find subjects and maintain a blog. Read these  7 subjects for self-employed bloggers that have proven to appeal to your visitors!

1. Introduce yourself
Your Blog is your business card. Tell people about your motivation as a business owner, about the things you do in your free time, about your favorite book. What made you decide to become a business owner or self-employed?
What’s your expertise and how do you go about it?

2. Introduce your business.
What services do you offer. Do you have any specialized products that make your service unique among others? Why should people hire you for the job or buy their products with you? What distinguishes your business or services from your colleagues.Why should they choose over you instead?

3. Answer questions
Every costumer asks questions, answer them by writing about it. Lots of websites have frequently asked question sections, each question, or each topic can be an appealing blog post. But also specialized questions that only occur once can be a great opportunity to show your knowledge and processes. People get to know you and the way you go about your business and services by answering questions.

4. Make announcements
You can write about:

business announcements, like upcoming events you will attend to or you are organizing
special offers
seasonal products or services
new products to arrive

Make a planning of upcoming events. For the web shop I used to own, I even wrote about the delivering of stock and the fun of unpacking those boxes full of new products. People loved to read about that.  I made a picture of every step of processing the goods and showed them a little of how the shop looked at my end.

5. Ask questions
Organize polls, ask questions in blog posts, involve them in development of new products and services. Answer to each of the comments or even write a blog post about a specific comment. Asking questions can be a source for new blog post as well.

6. Share knowledge
Now I can hear you think: but my knowledge is my product. Yes, but share wisely. People are searching the internet for knowledge. Share it with them. Don’t give away your secret, but pretend you do. I’m sharing my knowledge about blogging with you guys as well, but my insights and the knowledge you really want and need you get in a full blog-advice, which is an actual product. Still you get lots of knowledge about blogging on this website. As you do on other websites about blogging.

7. Share some good practices
Or even bad ones for that matter. Who cares? They care! They want to know how you solve things, they want to know you are human. You and your business should appeal to costumers over the business of your colleagues and what better way to show how you handles mistakes, solve processing problems and correct flaws? It only makes you human and authentic and that is what people love.

Final tip for more interaction on your blog: When people respond in the comment section or the contact form: always reply!


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7 subjects for the self employed blogger

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