HOW TO get more traffic to your blog: 20 great ideas!

OHMYGOSSIP – All bloggers sooner or later will experience a drop in visitors numbers. And at some point in you blog life browsing the internet envying ‘more successful’ blogs can demotivate you enormously. You keep wondering what you are doing wrong and how to get more visitors and keep them on you blog. Maybe even subscribe to your blog by email so you know they are more likely to return. First of all: Do not doubt yourself!

If you planned your blog carefully, it is probably just a dip because of the holidays or something like that. But check yourself carefully: did you make any changes? Do you blog on a different subject, a different time maybe or share your blog post in a different way. Are you still following trends? Being your informative self? Following the plan you mapped out for you and your blog? How about your style? Are you blogging about yourself a lot lately? Do you still mix your blog posts and subjects enough or are your blogs just a long bore of self promoting writings?

To write about personal experiences and personal life is a great blog subject. People want to get to know you, but be careful not to make yourself into the main subject of your blog. Make sure there is diversity. Share what you’ve learned from a first-hand perspective,but also share how readers may use it to their own benefits. Your blog should always be a well balanced mix of resource and personal posts.

Here are 20 ideas on how to get more traffic to your blog:

Visit other people’s blogs and leave comments
Tell stories
Write more and shorter posts
Blog regularly
Add sharing buttons
Be the answer to peoples needs
Use h2 and h3 to subhead your posts
Use tags and categories
Promote your blog on social media, and interact with other people on social media
Write less
Contact sites that will help others and exchange links or blog posts
Ask friends and family to share your posts on social media
Embrace the art of paragraphing
Write with a sense of humor
Write about emotions
Print blog business cards and promote your blog on live business events, do some serious networking
Write powerful headlines
Optimise your site for search engines
Make sure your website is mobile friendly
Be yourself!

It happens to all of us: one day you hit the ceiling and you need a breakthrough to go to the next level. We all become afraid that we have lost the magic one day or another. It may cause a lack of inspiration or motivation and you may enter a continues circle of self doubt over this. If so: get this book and write smashing blog posts.


Written by: leavingholland.com

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