5 Tips for Twitter

5 Tips for Twitter

1)    Follow people you find interesting
Twitter is all about interaction, and if you only follow the default accounts twitter selects for you, it gets boring quick.

2)    Find people by doing a twitter search
In the top right of your twitter home screen is a search option. Search for people, topics that interest you, even hashtags you’ve seen & want to learn more about.

3)    Share useful content
I use twitter for a mix of both work & blog interests. My job is fundraising for a nonprofit, so you’ll often find me tweeting links to stories about fundraising trends. I blog about fitness though, so I’m just as likely to be tweeting about an upcoming free workout class. My favorite is when they overlap & I’m tweeting about a friend’s fitness event that’s also a fundraiser for a nonprofit.

4)    Join twitter chats
Twitter chats can be fun to both learn and find new people to follow. Did you know Northeast Bloggers Network hosts twitter chats?! Their hashtag is #NEBlogChat and the blog announces when they’re scheduled. I recommend starting there.

5)    Have fun
There’s no wrong way to use twitter, as long as you’re enjoying using it.
Featured image: (PantherMedia/Lev Dolgachov/Scanpix)
Written by: Danielle Kempe/Getting Fit in MA

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