Helena-Reet says motherhood forces her to go to bed early

Helena-Reet says motherhood forces her to go to bed early

Helena-Reet Ennet (32) says becoming a mom has forced her to stop “being a vampire”. The Hollywood entertainment journalist and Ohmygossip Couture brand developer — who raises daughters Estella Elisheva, 5, and Ivanka Shoshana, 3, with partner Margus Pärn — has to go to bed earlier now that she has a family.

“I thought 9:30 a.m. was early. Now I’m sound asleep by 10 or 10:30 every night and the kids wake us up around 6:30 — on a good day,” she said.

Helena-Reet recently revealed she‘s dream is to have happy kids. Despite her successful career, the socialite and entertainer says the most important wish in her life is for her kids to be content.

“As a family person, all you want as a mother, is pure happiness for your children. That’s a universal sort of parent wish,” she said. “That’s my dream. Happy kids!”

Despite her high-pressure job in the public eye, Helena-Reet believes being a parent is the toughest job she has. “Being a parent is the hardest thing on earth. It breaks your heart when your children are unhappy and you feel incredible joy when they are happy,” she said.


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