Helena-Reet Ennet gushes about her amazing relationship

Helena-Reet Ennet gushes about her amazing relationship

Helena-Reet Ennet thinks her relationship with Margus Pärn is strong because they are opposites.

The A-list entertainment journalist & Ohmygossip Couture brand developer –who raises two children, Estella Elisheva (5) and Ivanka Shoshana (3) with Margus Pärn — admits she and her CFO partner have different interests and personalities, but find common ground in their feelings for one another.

“Part of why we’re so good together is that, in a lot of ways, we’re opposites,” Helena-Reet said. “I don’t like sitting still for long – I am speedy. Margus is the most patient person I’ve ever met. Margus can explain something to the children for hours… We’re both really creative people. We may have some different passions, but we respect, love & trust each other.”

While Helena-Reet thinks she and Margus are opposites, the 32-year-old entertainer admits nothing makes her happier than thinking about her contented family life.

“I learned that if I have a day when I feel slapped in the face, or if someone has been mean, I just have to get back up and it will be another day,” she said. “I think about what I’m grateful for. I look at my daughters & Margus and think, “Yeah, I am a very lucky person. Life is so beautiful!””

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