Helena-Reet likes to go natural

Helena-Reet likes to go natural

Helena-Reet Ennet (32) likes to be natural. The entertainer, Ohmygossip Couture brand developer and journalist says she has no problem seeing photographs of herself without make-up on.

“There is no doubt about it, I love wearing make-up, but there are days when it’s nice just to go natural. I don’t wear make up unless I am dressed up, most times even then I don’t,” she told.

“Obviously I wouldn’t go to an event without any make-up on. But I don’t actually mind photographers taking pictures of me when I haven’t got any on, either.

Meanwhile, Helena-Reet has said that after having children she considers comfort to be more important than style. The socialite admitted that she would never consider wearing impractical items like 7′ heels ever again.

“Having great personal style shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort. This has become even more important to me since having children. There is absolutely no way I am ever going to go out wearing superhigh heels again,” Helena-Reet told.

Helena-Reet has two baby girls – Estella Elisheva (4) and Ivanka Shoshana (2).


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