Wells Adams wants dogs involved in future wedding to Sarah Hyland

OHMYGOSSIP — Wells Adams wants his dogs to be involved when he marries Sarah Hyland.
The 34-year-old ‘Bachelorette’ alum has been romancing the ‘Modern Family’ actress for over a year, and although they’re not engaged yet, he’s confident they will tie the knot eventually, and he wants their beloved pet pooches to be involved in the ceremony when the time comes.
Speaking to Us Weekly magazine, Wells said: “What’s my vision? I want our dogs to be involved in the ceremony. That’s gonna be important.”
The couple moved in together in August and have had to do some adjusting after their pets were forced to move into the same household.
At the time, 28-year-old Sarah said: “There’s a little bit of, like, a power struggle with [my dog] Boo and [Adams’ dog] Carl, ’cause they’re both big dogs. But, like, Boo is more of a predominantly alpha personality, whereas Carl’s just an alpha-size dog. But they’re having so much fun playing and it’s really amazing to see Boo finally get to play with a dog his size.”
Prior to moving in with Sarah, Wells was concerned about their living situation, as he didn’t think their bed would be big enough to house them and their furry friends.
He said: “Carl sleeps on my bed, right? And her dog, Boo, sleeps on her bed. What’s gonna happen? [Our bed is] not big enough!”
Meanwhile, Sarah has been heaping praise on Wells in recent weeks after she revealed she had undergone a secret second kidney transplant last year after her first one – which she had in 2012 and was given to her by her father – failed, as she said her boyfriend had been supportive of her throughout her health struggle.
She said: “He’s seen me at my worst. I think that’s why I feel the most beautiful in his eyes, because he still finds me beautiful after seeing all that.”

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