J.K. Rowling lives in ‘fictional worlds’

OHMYGOSSIP — J.K. Rowling has admitted that her writing is the biggest part of her life and is more of a “need than a love”.
The ‘Harry Potter’ author has confessed that she spends most of her “conscious life in fictional worlds” and although there is nothing lacking in her external life, she doesn’t know “how it would feel to live any other way”.
Answering what she loves most about the writing life on her website, she said: “I can’t answer this without sounding melodramatic. The truth is that I can’t really separate a ‘writing life’ from ‘life.’ It’s more of a need than a love.
“I suppose I must spend most of my conscious life in fictional worlds, which some people may find sad, as though there must be something lacking in my external life. There really isn’t! I’m a happy person, by and large, with a family I adore and quite a few activities I enjoy.
“It’s just that I have other worlds in my head that I often slip in and out of and I don’t really know how it would feel to live any other way.”
The 53-year-old writer went on to explain that although she would never complaining about her millions of fans, she sometimes misses when readings and events were “slightly more low key” as she was able to interact with her admirers in a more personal way.
She said: “I miss the days when readings and events were slightly more low key. I’m not complaining, but when audiences grow big you obviously can’t reach everyone who wants to ask you a question.
“Being able to engage with people on Twitter goes some way to solving this for me. It’s astounding that people are still so interested in those books, and I doubt I’ll ever stop interacting as long as there are readers who know the world so well.”

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